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Green Ville Solutions lights up the community

Green Ville Solutions lights up the community

GreenVille Solutions is a business that provides affordable high quality Sun King solar lights as well as creates awareness on solar energy and in the process eradicates the use of paraffin lamps and candles in the community.
Green Ville Solutions was started up by three friends that came up with sustainable business ideas that directly impacts society.
In an interview with the highly resourceful C.E.O, Sylver Kibelolaud, he said the mission of the company is to improve lives of many by having families switching to solar energy, which saves money and reduces health risks that come with using paraffin and candles
Although the business is still in its infancy, Kibelolaud said the business already runs a non government based organisation, the Edu-Light initiative. Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to provide solar lights to learners and students living in informal settlements and rural areas who do not have access to electricity.
According to Kibelolaud, through Edu-Light they raise sponsorship from corporations so that lights are provided to the learners for free to enable them to study with a brighter light with longer running time in a safer environment.
“Our objective is to increase students productivity at night in the process improve their school performance,” added Sylver Kibelolaud
Currently the company raises sponsorships through companies and recently partnered with NamibMills to sponsor at least two schools yearly for the next three years.
“Our pilot School for this year is Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School. Beginning next year we will be working with the most proactive schools believing in the project regardless of which region they are in,” he added.
Other than embarking on community projects, Kibelolaud said their company distributes top solar lights such as the The Sun King Eco an award-winning solar light from the American based company Green light Planet.
Kibelolaud said the lights last up to 36 hours of a full days charge. According to Kibelolaud, what makes the light so unique is that it the intelligent charge controller ensures maximum charging from the sun, whilst protecting the LiFePo 3000 mAh battery the advantages of the smart stand are that it is easily attached and detached, and allows the light to be used as a desk lamp or hanging lamp, while the light itself can also be hand held like a torch. With a robust polycarbonate body and basic weather proofing which is safer than candles or paraffin lights which has a five year lifespan with it’s industry leading lithium.
Meanwhile he said the EduLight initiative will aim to improve education as a whole. giving a chance to learners without electricity to study in a safer and brighter environment. “We aim to get more companies on board to sponsor more schools to reach the more remote areas in Namibia and come up with new initiatives by July 2016,” said Kibelolaud.

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