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Nothing but lies and deceit at Intec

Dear sir,
I really do not know what to do any more to get my deposit back from the Intec College. I have been trying to get it back since February 2011.
Extremely bad service, empty promises, lies and deceit is all I received from both Intec College Namibia and Mr Fanus Potgieter, who is in charge of the college’s Namibian branch.
When I eventually got hold of Mr Potgieter recently (he is based in South Africa), he apologised profusely for the bad experience and service I received from the Windhoek branch. He promised to visit the Namibian branch to ensure that the staff receive the correct training – after confirming that they followed incorrect procedures. Mr Potgieter then also gave me the choice to continue with the course at Intec – promising speedy delivery of all learning material – or to return my deposit immediately. I chose to have my deposit back. He promised to organise my refund personally. Fourteen months later and I still haven’t received any money. Mr Potgieter is a manager at Intec College SA – which has a vision and mission which commits to integrity!
Why do they still get away with this as so many people complain about them? (Go on the internet and type in any negative customer service related word prior to Intec College – you will be shocked)!
Please help me. I have many e-mails as proof.
Monique Roets-Malan

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