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My Republik turns one

My Republik turns one

The My Republik team celebrated their first birthday on 24 October at the Grove Mall, and the occasion was celebrated with chilled champagne, cupcakes and a shopping experience for shoppers.
The founders, Ally Angula and Manna Matswetu believe that only by manufacturing items can they really generate economic development to propel the country forward. “We chose to venture into this industry due to its proven success in stimulating economies in countries such as Mauritius, China, Vietnam and most recently Ethiopia,” said Angula.
They also recognised that clothing is a product recognised all over the world and would therefore be a product that can easily be exported once the local industry has been satisfied. “With sheer determination and the conviction that nothing is impossible we can all achieve the unimaginable,” said Angula.
“This is not to say that the previous year in business has been without challenges, building a brand from scratch is no easy feat and the team behind My Republik persisted and continued with a unique shopping experience,”added Angula.
She said they offer free alterations and offer coffee and water to welcome customers as they shop which keeps them coming back for more. Angula highlighted the growth of the team from one employee in February 2014 to a team that currently consist of 74 people.
The My Republik team is preparing for the opening of the second outlet in Maerua Mall and the launch is planned towards the end of November. The team is also excited about the start of the operations at the garment manufacturing factory in Witvlei, which will allow the team to cater to a wider variety of designs, sizes and fits. They also plan on launching a sister brand called M&A that will cater for consumers of fast fashion. In its 8th month of operation, My Republik was duly rewarded with overwhelming support from their Citizens by surpassing the N$1 million mark.
“At My Republik we do not believe in regular, we believe in changing the game, through our unique products and services,” said Angula

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