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Oranjemund hand-over gains traction

Oranjemund hand-over gains traction

The long-awaited hand-over of Oranjemund has gained traction with the process expected to be completed by early next year, according to Tony Bessinger, Head of Town Transformation and Sustainability at Namdeb who is spearheading the remake from mining town to civil centre.
Namdeb has been working hand in hand with the Oranjemund Town Council to ensure the responsible handover of municipal infrastructure and services.
“We are receiving the necessary support from all stakeholders to fast track the transformation process in a responsible and sustainable manner. The community is excited and is looking forward to the exciting developments and private property ownership in Oranjemund,” said Bessinger.
This is being done through the execution of a workable town transformation plan that will facilitate the handover of land and property by early 2017. This plan will set in motion the framework for an operational, self-funding and sustainable Oranjemund.
Bessinger explained that Namdeb will hand over the town responsibly and will assist the Oranjemund Town Counil in creating an investor friendly environment that will pave the way for a sustainable existence of the town beyond diamond mining. Currently, Namdeb and the Town Council are investigating the terms of reference for a Special Purpose Vehicle that will drive the large scale sustainability projects. Focus areas include town development, accommodation, tourism, desert agriculture and manufacturing.
Namdeb’s General Manager, Riaan Burger said it is important for Namdeb to continue contributing to the economy by focusing on core mining activities while ensuring a sustainable future. “I commend the Oranjemund Town Council for their commitment to the town transformation process as I believe that through exploring diverse opportunities, Oranjemund can exist beyond diamond mining.”
While in transition, Namdeb will continue to maintain the infrastructure, provide municipal services and assistance with capacity within the Town Council.

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