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Namdeb bags plastics

Learners of Oranjemund Private School were keen to help the diamond miner spread the good news about reusable shopping bags.

Reusable shopping bags were the order of the day last week, as Namdeb, in its efforts to embrace sustainability, educated shoppers on importance of reusable shopping bags to the community.

Shoppers had their groceries packed in the reusable shopping bags as opposed to plastic bags and where also given information on the disadvantages of plastic bags for the environment in the long run.
“Namdeb, Oranjemund SPAR, the Oranjemund Town Council, the Oranjemund Private School pupils and the community – we are all in this together to reuse, recycle and reduce our waste. Through our collective efforts, we are designing a better tomorrow, today,” said Emilie Iyambo, a Senior Sustainability Officer at Namdeb. The awareness campaign was held at the busiest shop in town, SPAR. Namdeb said it intends to spread the campaign to other Oranjemund supermarkets.
Meanwhile in South Africa, in 2003 South Africa made the thin and flimsy plastic bag illegal. The legislation meant that shoppers will either have to take bags with them when they go shopping, or buy new, thick, stronger plastic bags that are easier and more profitable to recycle.
The government wanted to ban all plastic bags thinner than 80 microns, but the proposal caused an outcry among trade unions and business.

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