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Fishing firm in agreement with set 2016 TAC

Volker Paulsmeier, CEO of the Gendev Fishing Group.

The Gendev Fishing Group’s (GFG) is in support of the decision that will see the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of horse mackerel for the 2016 fishing season drop from 350,000 metric ton to 335,000 metric ton.

This decision was taken by the cabinet and total allowable catch of horse mackerel for the upcoming season is thus less. The reduction of the quota is based on research done and advice given by scientists as well as recommendations by the Quota Management Committee to preserve the species.
Volker Paulsmeier, CEO of the Gendev Fishing Group said that they agree with the decision by the Government. “For us it means business as usual and we will continue with development at GFG, be it in terms of bigger and better facilities, possible more employment and new products which add value to our existing line of products,” he said.
Paulsmeier added that Namibia was internationally known for its fantastic management of the industry. He added: “We must remember that after mining the fishing industry is Namibia’s second biggest export earner of foreign currency. It is also the third largest economic sector in terms of contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Globally, Namibia ranks among the top ten fishing countries in terms of the value of production and our country is also the top African fishing country by production value and exports.”
“The industry employs about 13,000 workers. Our estimated national fish reserves are the biggest in Southern Africa and it is thus of utter importance to preserve and manage this industry so that there is enough fish left for many generations of Namibians who will follow in our footsteps,” he said.

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