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Erongo schools share Arechanab purse

The Arechanab Community Trust announced last week it is supporting schools and welfare organisations in the Erongo Region, handing more than N$700,000 to various schools and charities. At the same event, the Arandis Primary School officially opened its new school hall, also built by funds from the trust.

The beneficiaries are Katora Junior Secondary School (Spitzkoppe), Kamwandi Junior Secondary School (Henties Bay), Erongosig Primary School (Usakos), Kolin Foundation Secondary School (Arandis), Arandis Primary School, Urbanus Dax Primary School (Arandis), Catholic AIDS Action, and Church Benevolence Board (Walvis Bay).
Officiating at the ceremony on Thursday, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon Bernhardt Esau, said “I would like to applaud Arechanab Community Trust and all its related businesses for not only demonstrating its willingness, but for actually delivering on the government’s repeated calls to fight poverty and inequality.”
The Arechanab Community Trust is the socio-economic development vehicle for the Arechanab Fishing & Development Company, Erongo Seafoods, Erongo Sea Products, Cerocic Fishing and Erongo Marine Enterprises.
The contribution of the Trust for socio-economic development projects alone since 1997 totals N$27.5 million, while it has spent N$7.6 million for the this year alone. Donations and support includes financial contributions to school funds, salaries and price giving functions, school infrastructure including buses and computers, and the building and renovation of classrooms and school halls.
Speaking at Thursday’s event, Erongo Marine CEO Mrs Muetulamba Shingenge gave her assurance to the minister that the Arechanab Community Trust, including its affiliated fishing companies, will continue to perform its functions in line with the policy guideline on the Granting of Rights of Exploitation to Utilise Marine Resources.
“The Arechanab Community Trust would like to unequivocally state that we remain committed to applying our profits for the greater good of our nation,” she said.

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