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Gendev and NAFAU wage negotiations successful

Standing from left to right: Mr Nabot Nambahu, Ms Beata Hamunyela, Mr Andreas Lucas. Seated from left to right: Mr Reinhold Hamukwaya (Nafau Representative), Mr Volker Paulsmeier (CEO Gendev), Mr Pieter Strydom (Gendev).

The Gendev Fishing Group (GFG) has announced that wage negotiations between the Group and the union came to a successful conclusion on the 13th of October.

CEO of GFG Volker Paulsmeier said that they were pleased with the negotiations which took place over a month and that all parties were respectful and negotiated in good faith.
He added: “The union (NAFAU) was open to our explanations, they were courteous and it was a pleasure doing business with them on behalf of our great workforce.”
The Gendev Fishing Group agreed to a 7.5% increase on hourly rates, N$ 100 increase on housing allowance, while cold allowance increased from N$ 1.00 to N$ 2.50 per hour. “Furthermore all employees in the strapping department will receive a strapping allowance of N$ 0.50cents on actual hours worked as well as a freezer jacket. Lastly a transport allowance of N$ 530 will also be paid once a year during December.”
Paulsmeier thanked the union for their great cooperation and also expressed his gratitude towards the employees who have communicated their satisfaction with the allocated increases.

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