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MCA rewards cleanliness

The Enguwantale Combined School in the Oshana region received N$5000 from the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) recently as part of the “MCA-N School Cleanliness Campaign”. (Photograph contributed)The Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) recently handed over prizes worth N$10 000 to three rural schools that won the “MCA-N School Cleanliness Campaign”.
Hannu Shipena, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Education, and numerous community members attended the handover of gardening and cleaning equipment as well as sports gear for the learners. Shipena thanked MCA-N for supporting the government’s efforts to keep educational facilities clean.
The first prize valued at N$5000 was awarded to Enguwantale Combined School in the Oshana region, followed by runners-up Ekundu Combined School (N$3 000) and Oshikulufitu Combined School (N$ 2 000) both in the Omusati region.
“The school is performing very well in most regional sports activities. Having their own sports gear now, will boost their morale to excel even better,” said Enguwantale Combined School sports coordinator Nico Abraham.
Labanus Ailonga, who chairs the board of Oshikulufitu Combined School, told the crowd: “Our dream to realise Vision 2030 has been met halfway and we are truly grateful to the Namibian and United States governments for their support.”
MCA-N implements development projects in Namibia to the amount of N$2.2 billion funded by the US government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Half of the budget is used to improve the country’s education sector; other projects focus on nature conservancies and cattle farming. The “School Cleanliness Campaign” was introduced almost two years ago when MCA-N started to renovate and upgrade 47 government schools. MCA-N will officially hand over the first 13 schools –  equipped with computers, science laboratories and teachers accommodation – to the Ministry of Education by the end of this year.

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