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Development Corporation shelves foreign plans

The Development Corporation of Namibia (NDC) will not go ahead with plans to open international marketplaces in neighbouring countries just yet.

Luanda in Angola, Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Pointer Noire, in Congo Brazzaville are the cities that will host future NDC international projects. Pointer Noire is said to offer the possibility of linking to the Central and West African export markets.
Wesell !Nanuseb speaking to the Economist said that current foreign markets are too hostile for the NDC to take on such expenses.
!Nanuseb said that local projects are likely to receive preference in the long run. The NDC, has so far built 90 industrial premises in a number of regions locally to lease to businesses.
The development agency plans to showcase Namibian products and services as part of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development and other Government ministries. Even though construction of the sites has not yet started and dates are still to be confirmed.
The proposed Namibia Trade House in Luanda will offer manufacturers, retailers, and service providers the chance to expand their businessmen into new international markets. The building is set to be nine floors high, with an entertainment area on the roof.
The trade house will also offer Namibian business people the amenities and working environment that they are accustomed to.
The facility will also offer long-term accommodation for trade and marketing personnel and business office space for rent.
The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development and the NDC will develop the Namibia Trade and Industrial Estate in the Congo Brazzaville’s second largest city, Pointee Noire, which is at he the centre of the nation’s oil industry and where significant growth is also expected from the mining industry.
Congo Brazzaville has asked for the favour in return from Namibia in allocating a piece of land for a similar project as part of a 10 year old bilateral agreement. The bilateral trade agreement between Congo Brazzavile and Namibia is still to be signed.
The land acquisition is still under negotiations and this trade and industrial estate will include various facilities such as a warehouse, wholesaler, fresh and dry produce hubs, cold stores and freezing facilities, manufacturers and assembly lines for auto parts and furniture.
Other facilities planned for include a truck port, logistic hub, container park, trade park and residential units.

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