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Energy festival delivers green energy

Harnessing natures resources: A prototype solar- powered bicycle caught the eye of a number of attendants at the event held last week.

The 3rd Annual Energy festival took place last week at Zoo park under the theme“Let’s go green, it’s cheaper than you think!”

The Energy Festival aimed to inform the public on cautious electricity usage and how each individual can contribute to combating climate change using innovative solutions inspired by green technology.
The festival demonstrated these important points with the help of various energy sector stakeholders such as Earthlife Namibia, as well as exhibitors Namibia Energy Institute, Solar Age Namibia, Physically Active Youth(P.A.Y.), Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS), DHPS, Ozone Office Namibia to name a few.
There were also short promotions on what they have been doing to support environmental friendly ways of energy production, e.g. a solar cooker was demonstrated and served the crowd with hot potatoes. Furthermore, there were also a solar bicycle and a solar car which produced clean green energy.
Nevertheless, the festival’s focus was not only on transferring information but it was also filled with music and fun games as well as energy quizzes for both the young and old. By taking part in the quiz, they stood the chance of not only reflecting on the energy issues facing Namibia but also in addition to that, many of the quiz-participants won prizes like solar lamps, books or eco science tool kits.
“Have you ever wondered on how fruitful earth would be today and in future if we simply started to take responsibility for our actions towards the energy sector and the environment,” Ndinelao Ndjaba, one of the current participants of the training programme said.
The festival was sponsored by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Earthlife, Embassy of Germany, Namibia Scientific Society, Goethe Centre, Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society and Agribank Namibia.

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