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AMPED fest lives up to hype

Amped out music lovers enjoying themselves at the biggest music festival Namibia has ever seen, the AMPED fest. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

The organisers claimed it will be the biggest music festival Namibia has ever seen. This is open to debate but there is no doubt that the AMPED Festival was indeed very successful, very entertaining and at some point, almost hilarious. The AMPED Festival attended by approximatively 2000 people on last Saturday at the Trustco United Sports Grounds in Windhoek.

With three stages and thirty acts the festival brought together a mixture of local and international artist. Namibians attended the festival in numbers to witness this first with world-renowned DJ duo Pascal and Pearce, and Jack Parow entertaining them.
The mostly young crowd was excited and energetic through the whole 13 hours of the festival, enjoying and loving every DJ that played and entertained them. Everybody’s spirit was soaring, helping to create a jubilant, almost electric energy that pervaded the crowd for the entire duration of the festival. This is probably the closest Windhoek will get to emulate a classic rock festival ala Woodstock. Everyone was just so AMPED to be there.
The after party was hosted at Club London. The venue was packed to the hilt, and even though many partygoers could not enter because it was so full, the continued to be AMPEd outside on the curb.
The AMPED Festival was organised by Mammoth Events who promised beforehand that this year they are going one up from last year’s colour party. They certainly did not disappoint the expectant crowd.
Speaking to some festival monsters after the event, the Economist established that the high approval rating was universal. Most of them said they could not wait for the next big festival to come to town. “We want to have this party again so that we can go to a joint where everything is different from the norm” commented a young enthusiastic swinger.
A Mammoth Events spokesperson said the AMPED Festival has decisively set the standard for all future music festivals anywhere in the country.

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