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Talbot promises to take FNB Home Loans up another notch

FNB Namibia did not divulge the fact that their mortgage loan book is becoming a headache on the bank’s balance sheet when it announced the appointment of Magda Talbot as the new National Sales Manager for the home loan division.

With powerhouse Talbot at the helm, mortgages are set to become even more of a problem.
She has held the position of Home Loan Sales Manager for the past five years, where she was responsible for improving processes and turnaround times.
About her new role she said “I will look after the streamlining of Home Loans nationally, but most importantly I will also enjoy the relationship building with the sales, administrative and credit staff members. My short term goal is to implement the changes necessary as smoothly as possible and, as always listen to the customers’ concerns and from there make decisions so that the customer can be happy without compromising FNB Home Loans. My team is also vitally important and I look forward to working with them.” Another one of her short term goals, she said, is to complete her Master’s degree in Business Administration which will be done in 2016.

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