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Reho Falcons takes on Mariental

 (From left to right):MD of Neo Paints, Heiko Niedermeier, Frank Isaacs of NEO Paints Reho Falcons, George Rhodes, Ronnie De Waal, Cliff Loubscher, Tai Isaacs, Stanford Isaacs and Shaun van Rooi at the official signing of the sponsorship this week.The Neo Paints Reho Falcon will play a friendly match against Mariental on 14 April. This week, the team which won last year’s premier league title, renewed its sponsorship deal with Neo Paints.
At the official signing of the sponsorship, Stanford Isaacs chairman of the team, said: “We are proud of our team and our successes in the past. It is only because of these achievements that we have been able to sign a major sponsorship agreement with Neo Paints.”
Although the exact amount of the sponsorship agreement was not disclosed, managing director of Neo Paints, Heiko Niedermeier, confirmed that the team would receive an additional amount of
N$2 000 for every game they win.
“We believe in incentivising performance whether in business or in sports. Neo Paints Reho Falcon have proved to be winners and we are confident of the team’s performance for 2012.”

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