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Isabella !Huri-He //Hauses of Godisho Group

Business Owner
Isabella !Huri-He //Hauses
Owner, CEO, Executive Director and Chairman
Company, institution or business
Godisho Group
Women of Substance Association
LEAD Namibia
Destiny Cosmetics – ISAKHOES


“I started my business when I had the urge to do something greater with my life. I took the risk and started my business in my bedroom using my pension savings.”
“My business interests consist of a Group of Companies operating in various sectors. These include business leadership, women empowerment, skills building, events and project management, printing, communications, broadcast media strategy development, and cosmetics manufacturing.”
“My current role as the CEO of the Godisho Group of Companies is involving because I am occupied with the internal needs of the organisation, the external needs of the Namibian public, and merging local, regional and international trends to ensure that our services remain relevant. My life is therefore not limited to CEO but has the elements of Founder, Director, Trainer and Entrepreneur. By its very nature, my job description means meeting the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities and the law.”
“While my senior management team assists with strategy development and investors can approve a business plan, I ultimately set the direction of the company. I must thoroughly analyse the Namibian business climate and decide which markets to penetrate, taking local and international competitors into consideration.. It is quite a task for a Namibian enterprise to differentiate itself. Forming partnerships, retention of the best talent and careful financial planning are all part of ensuring our survival.”
Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies from the Management College of Southern Africa.
B Comm in Marketing from the University of Greece.
Senior Management Programme of the University of Stellenbosch.
Master of Business Administration from the Management College of Southern Africa.
“I have a hectic career life but greatly appreciate my private time. This is what gives me purpose and balance.
My main passion in life is my spirituality and hence spending time with God is my number one personal activity. God means the world to me and without Him I would never have achieved even a fraction of what I have achieved to this day.”

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