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Florencia Kavendjii of Jireh Hair Studio

Florencia Kavendjii

Business Owner
Florencia Kavendjii
Owner and Manager
Company, institution or business
Jireh Hair Studio
Jireh Real Estate


Jireh is an ancient Hebrew word translated as “he will provide.” Florencia took this name from the passage in Genesis where YHWH provided a ram as substitute to prevent Abraham from sacrifising his son Isaac.
Florencia is the founder of Jireh Hair Studio, a professional hair and beauty company that began in 2011 and carries international brands such as Well, GHD and Goldwell. Before starting out on her own, she worked for First National Bank as a homeloan consultant for twelve years.
She says she is an entrepreneur at heart who loves bring business ideas to life. She has a clear focus on the business achieving quality service for its clients rather than just ‘doing hair.’ She has a proven track record of servicing clients to meet and exceed their expectations which has proven to be crucial for Jireh Hair Studio’s success and growth.
“I worked as a homeloan consultant at First National Bank and that is where I discovered the potential in the Salon and Beauty industry. I managed to get a loan from FNB SME to address the overheads and executed a turnaround strategy so it can be a top class hair studio dealing with all salon services and doing all types of hair, including men’s.”
“As a result of the successful turnaround strategy executed with Jireh Hair Studio, we have seen phenomenal and commendable growth and stability of the studio. It is quite and achievement to have remained in business over the years and this has allowed me to launch a new business, Jireh Real Estate, as an extension and growth of the Jireh brand.”
“No tourists came to the salon before I took over so I added value by incorporating the tourist market. 50% of our clients are tourists and we receive a lot of referrals from Hilton Hotel, Avani Hotel and other hotel establishments.”
Diploma in Business Administration through the Society of Business Practitioners in Cheshire, UK.
Accredited as a registered Namibian Estate Agent by the Namibia Estate Agents Board.
My message to all women out there is: “You are God’s daughters created by Him for a purpose and plan. You are beautiful and wonderful, you are unique, special, intelligent and loved by God.”
Her vision is to expand further Jireh Hair Studio nationally through a chain of hair studios and to continue to grow and diversify the Jireh Business Group.

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