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Yvonne le Roux of Elite Employment Consultancy

Yvonne le Roux

Business Owner
Yvonne le Roux
Owner and Managing Member
Company, institution or business
Elite Employment Consultancy CC


Yvonne founded Elite Employment Consultancy ten years ago as sole member of the Close Corporation. “Being self-employed was certainly not something that I ever envisaged for myself and the success Elite Employment has enjoyed thus far has certainly exceeded my every expectation.”
“I am still the sole and managing member and I am proud to have grown it with the assistance of my husband who handles the Finance and Operation [side] from its humble beginnings as a one-person business to about 12 staff members.”
“We have a large market share with a loyal customer base also stretching beyond the borders of our country. We are accredited for the renowned Thomas International Personality Profiling System and also carry out independent employment background checks, qualification verifications and credit history checks.”
“Previously I was involved in every facet of the business, but now have taken a step back from the day to day operation and focus more on strategy. My husband takes care of the Finance and IT side and I have key personnel who manage the ground-level work. Without any of them, I would have to be much more involved than I currently am.”
“I would like to think that I still impact my colleagues, customers and financial results by my leadership ability, drive and general positivity.”
Diploma in Marketing Management from Northlink College in Cape Town.
Diploma in Human Resources Management for Regent Business School.
Currently enrolled for an MBA through the Institute of International Business Relations at Steinbeis University in Berlin.
Elite Employment is relationship focused and quality driven. We stand behind what we do and believe in our service.
“I would like to get involved in a mentorship programme for women of all walks of life and give them advice and support in matters that I am experienced in.”

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