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Carnivores invited to appreciate Seal of Quality for meat

Petrus Maritz, Head of Classification Services, Dr Anja Boshoff de Witt, Manager Meat Standards and Magda van Schoor, PRO of the Meat Board of Namibia, are promoting the Meatboard’s Seal of Quality this Friday afternoon at Food Lovers Market in Maerua Mall.

This Friday lunch time, three Meatboard officials will entertain the public at Food Lovers Market in Maerua Mall to promote the Seal of Quality certification programme. Launched in 2012, the Meatboard has found in the mean time that only a few local companies support the programme.

This programme is a hygiene and quality certification programme developed by the Meat Board of Namibia. Dr Anja Boshoff de Witt, the Manager of Meat Standards at the Meatboard said “The Seal of Quality ensures the purchasing of safe and wholesome red meat and red meat products by consumers and customers at participating abattoirs, butcheries and retail red meat outlets. The Seal of Quality supports the Namibian red meat industry and the purpose of their logo is to stimulate trust in the products sold at Namibian outlets.”
Commenting on the poor local uptake, she said “Only Hartlief, Food Lovers Market in Windhoek and at the coast, Biltong and Bites as well as Farmers Meat Market have thus far received the Seal of Quality. We want to encourage shoppers and even red meat distributors to come and talk to us this Friday in Maerua Mall about this programme and the many benefits for all.”
The Meatboard said an ever higher demand for improved quality and hygiene worldwide, has raised the importance of the issue. “In Namibia consumers are demanding locally produced meat which complies with its expected quality standards.
“[This] is meat produced from animals which are raised naturally, treated according to FAN Meat principles, is tender, tastes good and is safe and affordable. Locally produced meat also has an additional benefit as it is free from growth stimulants, animal products as supplementary feed and other harmful substances,” said Dr. Boshoff de Witt added.

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