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Barbara Nyathi of Maerua Medical Centre, and Daisho Sushi and Wine Bar

Barbara Nyathi

Business Owner

Barbara Nyathi

Psychologist, Administrator, co-owner, owner

Company, institution or business
Maerua Medical Centre
Daisho Sushi and Wine Bar


“At Daisho, I am a silent partner as we want to make the chef the face of Daisho as he is the one who is hands-on with the day to day running of the place.”
“At the medical centre, I am mostly responsible for the administrative work, public relations, hiring, conducting team building exercises to maintain and sustain the rapport and good relations we all enjoy there. Both the doctor and I practise the open door policy which translates into free association and healthy communication with everyone.”
“I also provide therapy for the staff because I strongly believe in holistic health as a catalyst for highly passionate performance and the decision-making where the running of the place is concerned. I am also the psychological counsellor at the medical centre.”
“Running Maerua Medical Centre with my husband, we have since opened a second practice in the city centre. Currently we are looking into expanding the Maerua practice to introduce a Men’s Clinic that deals specifically with male reproductive issues.”
“I am very passionate about everything that I set my mind to do. I also believe in others and potential in others. I strongly believe we can all join hands and do our part in making this world a better place.”
B Sc Psychology from the Zimbabwe Open University
LCCI Diploma in Marketing from Speciss College in Bulawayo
Currently enrolled for a Masters in Psychology with the University of Roehampton
“My husband and I have a motto we live by. We work very hard and we also make sure we take holidays for re-energizing, and random vacations during the year. We are both athletes so we run together.”
“At the medical centre, elderly people are seen for free, from the age of 65 upwards. I also offer free psychological services to the youth at church. When I see potential in someone, I encourage them to pursue their dreams and I help them in any way I can to see the dream to fruition.”

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