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Adél Oosthuizen of Dikaios Multiwell & Slimming Salon

Adél Oosthuizen

Business Owner

Adél Oosthuizen

Concept Holder and Owner

Company, institution or business
Willa Krause Franchise
Dikaios Multiwell and Slimming Salon


“ I view the success of my salon as a remarkable achievement. However, this was exceeded by far by the success of the first ever reality TV series “Just Fabulous”.
The brainchild of Adél, it provided seven participants an opportunity to change their physical appearance through a non-surgical makeover. The series was broadcast on One Africa Television in 2009 and its positive impact on the salon continues to this day.
“Throughout the years I received many awards within the Willa Krause Group. Some of the most prestigious awards were in 2010, Salon of the Year, Marketing Manager of the Year and Willa Krause Skincare Woman of the Year in Southern Africa. In February 2015 I was rewarded with the highest award, the Krause Group Merit Award for distinct service loyalty and continuous growth.”
Adél boasts a colourful trail in the local business world that dates back to a decade ago. In 1999 she made her entrance into the world of beauty care when she qualified as a beauty therapist through Willa Krause, a South African manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products that include skin care, baby care, a slimming range, fragrances, colour cosmetics and Argilla cookware. She represented and marketed the brand for the following few years and became a full-time representative and salon owner.
Starting with a small beauty salon located at her home in 2000, Adél spent the next few years working her way through the competitive beauty industry. She immediately recognised the opportunity in 2006 when she was offered the Multi-Well Slimming Concept from France for Namibia by Willa Krause. After overcoming a few challenges, she opened her dream salon, Dikaios Multiwell and Slimming Salon.
Various courses for promotion in the SADF.
Certificate of Proficiency entry level for Short Term Insurance.
Willa Krause Esthetician Certificate
She is the only in-house trainer for Willa Krause in Namibia.
Currently enrolled for an MBA
Being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, spiritual councillor, community supporter and businesswoman is difficult to juggle in today’s world. It is my ultimate wish to make a vast contribution to empower young entrepreneurs. I hope to plough back the skill, knowledge and drive I have gained and gathered over the years into a community that contributed to my success as a business owner.

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