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Shape up or you’ll be fired: Namwandi warns

Teachers who “short change” learners and neglect work will lose their positions if they do not improve immediately, David Namwandi, Deputy Minister of Education, warned  this week.
“I warn the teachers who neglect their jobs and short change their learners that in future, they will definitely face the prospect of losing their positions and receive an invitation to seek another line of employment,” Namwandi said.
He said that he will not “allow any person to play with the lives of children” and that he will not tolerate non-performance by anyone.
“I know that some of our schools are under performing because of a lack of leadership. Some principals treat schools as if it is their own homes and refuse to be transferred to  smaller schools where they may perform better,” said Namwandi.
It should be clear that any public servant may be transferred for the benefit of the people they serve at any time, he further said.
“It would be honourable if you request for a transfer to a school where you could perform at your best rather than being proud and stubborn and thereby make a whole school community suffer. Please let us act as mature professionals and put the educational needs of the learners before our own pride,” said Namwandi.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister has thanked the teachers in the Omusati Region for their dedication and hard work and for always going an extra mile for the sake of the children entrusted to them.
“Keep up the good work and continue to live up to the expectations of this nation. We are proud of teachers like you,” he said.

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