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School hall for Omakange

The Uudhano dancers celebrate the inauguration of the new multi-purpose school hall at the Ismael Kamati Tjimuhiva Combined School at Omakange by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Bernhard Esau on Friday, 18 September 2015. The donation by Arechanab Community Trust totals N$3.5 million and includes the installation of a fully-fitted industrial kitchen, solar power and erection of water towers.

A multi-purpose school hall, built at a total cost of N$3.5 million by the Arechanab Community Trust was officially handed over to the community of the Ismael Kamati Tjimuhiva Combined School at Omakange over the previous weekend.

The funding covers the installation solar power, a fully-fitted industrial kitchen with walk-in freezer unit and the erection of water towers. Previously the learners from this disadvantaged community had to eat in the open while meals were prepared on open fire in a makeshift shack on the school premises
The Arachanab Community Trust is the socio-economic development vehicle for the Arechanab Fishing & Development Company, Erongo Seafoods, Erongo Sea Products, Cerocic Fishing and Erongo Marine Enterprises.
The contribution of the Trust to socio-economic development projects since 1997 totals N$27.5 million, while it has spent N$7.6 million this year alone. Speaking at the event, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Bernhard Esau said that the government has always recognised the importance of the fisheries sector and the major role it plays in contributing to national development, food security, and the improvement of livelihoods.
“I would like to repeat my call to the fishing industry at large. In order to justify continued exploitation of fishing rights, companies need to demonstrate that their fishing operations benefit not only the enterprise, but also the Namibian people in general,” he said.
He applauded the Arechanab Community Trust and its partner businesses for not only demonstrating this willingness, but for delivering on this call by making a definite impact on the lives of the Omakange community.
“I am delighted to hear and witness that Arechanab Community Trust and its associated partners acknowledge their accountability as major role players in the fishing industry, not only meeting the criteria of exploitation, but also, as an ongoing process, creating wealth and opportunities for all Namibians,” the minister said.

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