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Thank you goes a long way

Have you ever looked at somebody and wondered, “what the hell is wrong with this person”?

The reason being, that we all have different mentalities and opinions of whatever is happening in our daily lives.
In life you get different kinds of people. Some people appreciate others around them, be it at your workplace, school or just even at home. People are in our lives for a reason, we all learn something from one another at some point.
We need each other in life as people and so that ‘needing’ someone comes along with appreciation. Yes I know some people might think now, “I am well off alone and all,” but believe me, we need one another like I said before in any area of our lives-school, home or work does not matter we still need each other, like the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.
For example you find businesses that are up and running treating their security guards and cleaners like they are nothing at all or like they do not bring any input into the business. It is like they are just there when needed to guard and clean the premises but you do not realise that if this person (security guard) does not guard the premises it will be broken in to or if the cleaning team does not clean the premises, it will not attract any clients at all as they will be turned off by dirt. Think about it, which client wants to come to a dirty place and do business? Nobody will!
To my understanding, to tell someone you appreciate them in your life or you appreciate the work they do only means you are encouraging them to do even better, and as I can remember, it costs nothing to tell a person just that showing appreciation at work must be part of integral policies of a company.
My motto is appreciate the next person, never underestimate the power of their words, ‘Thank you’ but most importantly never underestimate the next person’s abilities as they can be more than just the house help, the gardener or the security guard. I know of a guy that worked as a security guard and worked so hard he ended up owning the very same company he worked for, now isn’t that amazing.
Whether its something small or big, do not take the next person for granted, always know that we need each other in this world, after all no man is an island. Imagine a time in your life where you just find yourself all alone and wonder where everyone else is. By that time they will have gone to other places where they will be appreciated.
Most of you are on your high horses thinking that because you have everything in life ,you don’t need anyone, and therefore do not know the value of the people you hired to do the hardest and sometimes the most daunting of tasks. Shame on you it is such a pity because you need the next person. You can act all happy when you are around people to hide your tortured heart but deep down in your soul you are crying because everyone left you and you are all by yourself.
Lastly another thing is your behaviour towards the next person. Never ever treat someone the way you would not want to be treated. Everyone is God’s creation, you need to be respected and appreciated just like the next person so if you don’t want people running away from you, simply just change your mentality towards them and treat them in a better way. One thing I know is that the word of mouth is a very powerful tool, people talk, they will tell others of your actions and your ways and sooner or later no one will want to work for you or with you leaving you all alone in this cruel world full of hardship.

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