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Vote for Josy, Namibia!!

Vibrant Josy Nghipandua needs every Namibian’s vote to reach the Top 12 contenders for the Next Great Presenter of TLC Entertainment on Dstv’s channel 172. Voting for this round closes this Saturday 26 September.

The search for the TLC Entertainment Next Great Presenter on Dstv channel 172 is well underway and Namibians are crossing their fingers and voting for Josy Nghipandua to make it to the Top 12. Josy’s Namibian supporters have up to 26 September 2015 to vote for her.

Josy Nghipandua is a poet, public speaker, law graduate, producer and presenter and she believes in her individuality and therefore there are no limits to who she is and who he can become. “I gave up a possible law career to follow my passion, which is media. I have put in the work, the practise, the hours, the blood, sweat and tears and believe it is enough for me to be the possible presenter on any and every kind of stage or in front of any kind of camera,” she said.
Through the audition process she had to make a two part video recording of herself. The first part consisted of her telling TLC why she believes she can be TLC’s next great presenter and the other part is her introduction to the show she will possibly be doing on TLC if s he is chosen.
Josy said that she is motivated by a lot in life but mostly death, because it reminds her of the fact that it can happen at any given moment and that she will not see it coming. “This forces me to constantly take myself seriously, to work until I pass out from exhaustion, to be dignified and full of integrity at all times,” she emphasised.
“I have a plan and it will take me a while to get there, but by the time I leave this earth, generation upon generation will marvel in my name and I always tell myself that what my mind conceives and my heart believes, I can always achieve,” said Josy.
After all Top 12 semi-finalists have been revealed, they will go through to the next phase of the competition which is a three day boot camp where they will attend various mentorship sessions hosted by experts in the industry. The sessions will include performance and presenting coaching, media training and wardrobe styling to help them prepare for the next round and avoid elimination.
In the end it will be up to the viewers to choose the winner from the three short-listed finalists who make it through the boot camp stage. The winner will ultimately be crowned TLC’s Next Great Present and become the official host of TLC Top 10, a brand new series coming in December.

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