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A fresh start for Wordweaver

Renate van Wyk, Peter Reiner and Bryony van der Merwe ready to welcome customers to their new, bigger and much improved premises.

Wordweaver Publishing House is now a partnership between Peter Reiner and Bryony van der Merwe. The new company officially started on 1 July this year and the official launch of the new company will take place late October.

The original company which was launched in 2012 by Bryony van der Merwe, has since published 25 books on Namibian literature. Peter Reiner comes from a background of managing an international publishing house and brings a wealth of 20 years experience in publishing to Wordweaver Publishing.
Wordweaver recently moved to their new offices which are centrally located and with decent storage space to make sure everything runs smoothly going forward.
Van der Merwe, started her company because she felt the importance of publishing local fiction. Reiner and Van der Merwe will both be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair later in October, and Van der Merwe has received sponsorship from the German Embassy to attend this event.
She added that the books, ‘My First Book of Namibian Mammals’, ‘Elves and Feathered Friends’, ‘The Little Weaver Bird’ and Im Netz des Krokdils are all currently at the printers. “Customers are welcome to place pre-orders of these titles, and we will inform you when the books are ready for distribution,” said Van der Merwe.
She said that most of the time, they prefer to use Namibian printers when printing, but there are restrictions on some publications and it also depends on the quality and price. “But we most certainly want to support Namibian printers,” she emphasized.
With Bryony van der Merwe’s unbridled youthful enthusiasm, Peter Reiners’s stuffy experience and Renate van Wyk’s eye for detail, the Wordweaver team looks forward to taking their company to new heights.

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