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Martinette van Niekerk of Wesbank Transport division in FP du Toit Transport

Martinette van Niekerk

Private and Corporate Sector
Human Resources Manager and Manager of the Office of the COO
Company, institution or business
Wesbank Transport Division of FP du Toit Transport


From a receptionist in 1987 to the HR Officer for the well-known National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA), Martinette’s career has followed a tangent of personal and professional development.
She joined Pupkewitz Holdings in 1999 as HR Officer, eventually working for the company for 11 years. “During my time with the Pupkewitz Group in my Human Resources role, I developed HR Policies and Procedures which are still used today and I personally trained all managers in the application. The Pupkewitz Group bought various motor dealerships throughout Namibia and I successfully handled the integration and retrenchment of staff. When the buildings and motor divisions were separated, I was promoted to HR Manager to manage all aspects of the Human Resourced Department for 450 employees.”
“Wesbank Transport approached me in September 2011. I was at first involved in the operations of the Container Transport Department but soon moved to the position of Manager of the Office of the COO. In this position I learned that the company did not have a clear set of HR policies, a situation I set out to remedy.”
“Since the merger with FP du Toit Transport, a new COO has been appointed and I still perform the same tasks as previously but in addition I have taken over the Human Resources Department.”
She is now a member of the EXCO of the Wesbank Transport Division.
Diploma in Human Resources Management from the Technikon RSA, later incorporated into UNISA.
Senior Management Development Programme of the University of Stellenbosch.
Currently enrolled in the Executive Management Development Programme of the University of Stellenbosch.
“I am innovative, resourceful, results-oriented business professional with extensive experience in Human Resources, Operations and General Management. I have a demonstrated ability to achieve targets and excel in challenging situations. I am a great believer in collaboration and partnerships so when developing policies, procedures or strategies, I always involves others either by getting their input or by asking for feedback on the practical application of polices and procedures.”

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