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Twapewa Kadhikwa of Xwama Cultural Village and Traditional Restaurant

Twapewomaano Kadhikwa

Business Owner
Managing Director
Operations Manager
Company, institution or business
Xwama Cultural Village and Traditional Restaurant
Pewa Manufacturing
Kadhikwa Chicken Farming


“I started a business nine years ago with my business partner and husband, Erastus Kadhikua. From start-up I have managed to steer the business through the initial start-up stage where we had to craft a vision, mission and to develop a business plan.”
Over the years, the nature of the business model has changed and evolved into the next phase which is the organisational development of the business.
“We are now in the process of evolving into Kadhikwa Holdings Group where we want to centralise all our business operations under one umbrella.”
In 2007, Xwama Cultural Village was founded. It employed five people, today it has a workforce of 55. In 2013 Kadhikwa Chicken Farming was established. It grew from 12 people and now employs 56 people.
“We are in the process of registering Xwama School of Hospitality with the NTA to begin the long process of training our own students to supply our operations. This has been a great challenge thus far.”
B Admin in Commerce from the University of Namibia
I am involved in church activities and mentor a few women from church in their business endeavours. I believe in education, I believe in a purpose driven life, I believe that we must use our talents to maximum in order to influence our generations and generations to come. I believe in empowerment and the phrase, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

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