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Mad Mali

Dear sir,
The happenings in and around Mali are typical of Africa. The story is one of shameful, twisted thinking; of twisted priorities and the absurd but never-ending, epic selfishness of the typical African leader.
What happened? The military, concerned about the security of Mali, staged a coup de ètat and removed the president who, they claimed, was unable to provide them with the means to fight the rebellion of Tuareg and Islam-extremists successfully. And at the very same time, these men promised to restore democracy via elections as soon as possible, which means as soon as the danger is under control. Now the AU and especially Mali’s neighboring states condemn these military leaders for the coup; they, surprisingly, do not condemn the true rebels.
In the meantime, the Tuaregs and Islam extremists take one Mali city after the other and the fate of those states and their population is highly uncertain.
Let us understand the situation well. The African Union is not concerned about the real rebellion, the rebellion of the Tuareg and religious terrorists in Mali, it is instead worried  about the fact that another African president, a colleague, was removed from power. Something which that may not happen because if it happens, it could set a precedent for all of Africa. If this is allowed to happen again, then all the unable and too often corrupt leaders of Africa are under the constant threat to deliver, something they simply cannot do.
Yes, I will say it again; these leaders are not concerned about the people of Mali or their own people. It is their own personal future as (pathetic) leaders, their very own existence at the top that concerns them. And as usual, this fact is not even shamefully hidden, no, it is blatantly exposed for everyone to see time and again!
Oh my Africa, may the good Lord help you; your leaders do not care about you!
J.B. Witbooi

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