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Let us promote Namibian seal products

The Facebook page “Namibian Seal Conservation” which was started by Oswald Rall Theart from Kasote, Rundu. Theart and his supporters are also environmentalists and conservationists who support the humane treatment of animals. For these reasons, they are also strong advocates of the sustainable harvesting of Namibia’s Cape Fur Seal.
There are so many reasons why the seal hunt should be encouraged says Theart. These reasons, he says, revolve around the same principles preached by seal activist groups such as Seal Alert, The Seals of Nam and Sea Shepard – all of whom are against the harvest.
According to Theart, Namibia should be promoting the use of seal products based on the following key principles:
1. Conservation: We live on a planet with a finite amount of resources. If we don’t use renewable resources in sustainable ways, all animals (including humans and seals) will be in trouble. If we want to help our planet, using biodegradable items is key. Seal skin is incredibly warm, durable, and re-usable and when you’re finished with it, you can compost it. Harmful synthetics will be littering our earth for thousands of years because they won’t decompose. We can solve this “waste” problem by promoting and using renewable and biodegradable resources like seal skin.
2. Humane treatment of animals: Under natural conditions, animal populations boom and bust. The “bust” occurs when populations have surpassed their carrying capacity, and the reductions often occur through starvation. This starvation is natural, but it’s certainly not humane. Humane harvests help keep animal populations to a level where all individuals can thrive long-term. Also, if we keep using synthetics that won’t decompose, animals will be surrounded by our trash for millennia. That’s not humane, and is another reason why using seal skin contributes to long-term animal welfare.
3. Healthy humans: Organic products, specifically food, are gaining popularity for a variety of health-related reasons. Seal meat and seal oil are as organic and natural as it gets. We should be promoting this around the world where there are disturbing and inhumane food shortages. Activists against the seal hunt don’t want to be swayed because it is a money-making making machine for them; however, we can influence the world by showing them that the goals of conservation, human health, and the humane treatment of animals are all achievable through the seal harvest and the marketing of the derivative products.
Currently most of the Namibian seal products is exported to foreign countries which by processing it add huge value to these products. Namibian entrepreneurs are encouraged to come up with plans on how to utilise seal products for the benefit of the whole Namibian economy.
Information provided by Namibian Seal Conservation

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