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Botswana becoming the power hub of the region

An Australian company at the forefront of developing three large electricity projects in Botswana said robust demand for power in the region is driving its business model.

Addressing the Paydirt 2015 Africa Down Under Conference in Perth last week, African Energy Resources Managing Director, Mr Frazer Tabeart, said the three vertically-integrated power projects were all being developed to meet the increasing demand for power in the southern African region.
“We are positioning the business to develop a power hub that focuses on regional power demand,” Mr Tabeart said.
“Without exception, every country in the South African Development Community (SADC) is chronically short of reliable, affordable base-load power,” he said.
“Our three projects are all centrally located within the South African Power Pool (SAPP) transmission grid with easy access to core infrastructure and in close proximity to grid connection.”
Mr Tabeart said ASX-listed African Energy Resources was focussed on three projects in Botswana namely, the Sese JV Integrated Power Project, the Mmamantswe Power Project and the Mmamabula West export coal project
African Energy Resources is in the process of selling the Mmamantswe Power Project for US$20 million subject to a tender bid being short-listed in South Africa.

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