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Classics @ the Castle bring summer music entertainment

Ulrich Busch and Jürgen Kriess launch the Classics @ the Castle music show this Saturday on the terrace of the Heinitzburg Castle Hotel in Windhoek. The show starts at 17:00. The venue opens at 16:00.

With the approach of summer a brand new outdoors entertainment event is offered at the famous Heinitzburg Castle Hotel in Windhoek.

Classics @ the Castle is a rendezvous by connoisseurs of classical music of the 18th, 19th and 20th century, taking place at one of the most romantic and attractive spots in town – the terraces of the Heinitzburg Castle. The event is the brainchild of Ms Beate & Mr Tibor Raith, managers of the exquisite hotel, restaurant and cafe establishment.
Classics @ the Castle is a tribute to the multiplicity and spiritual attraction of classical music, presented by the crème de la crème of classically trained musicians in Namibia. It is an invitation to the man on the street to enjoy the spectacular views of the Windhoek sunset, breath the atmosphere, indulge in the music and experience Heinitzburg Castle’s exemplary service. As a pilot exercise, the exciting range of classical concerts takes place on the second Saturday of each month, starting 12 September 2015, for a period of six months. Guests are invited to make their way to the Heinitzburg from 16:00 onwards on the respective Saturday afternoon.
The first note is struck at 17:00 and music continues until just after sunset.
The grand opening this Saturday features two of the finest young classical musicians in Namibia, Ulrich Busch, classical guitarist and violinist Jürgen Kriess. Ulrich Busch hails from the school of Prof B Hebb from the Hochschule Für Künste in Bremen, Germany, and was taught in the higher art of solo rendition by Frank Bungarten from Hanover. Jürgen Kriess studied violin at the University of Cape Town and then moved to the Musik Hochschule Trossingen in Germany, where he continued honing his skills on the instrument and also obtained a diploma as music teacher.
The programme on 12 September comprises a mixture of popular opera potpourri, Paganini sonatas, Hungarian folklore, classical renditions of popular songs and a compilation of fine, entertaining Spanish flamencos.


Venue: Heinitzburg Castle in Windhoek
Dates: Every second Saturday of the month
Pilot event: Saturday 12 September
Artists: Ulrich Busch and Jürgen Kriess
Genre: Light Classical Music
Entry: Free of charge

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