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Local designers flaunt their signature style

YA-pambiliFashion lovers flocked to the launch of Pambili Young Designers’ new range at the Omba Gallery which was held recently. The talented male and female designers had one thing in mind, to come up with something new.
Attila Giersch, chairman of the Pambili Young Designers’ board of directors, said that the exhibition was planned to motivate their already producing and supplying designers to come up with new and fresh ideas.
“The Pambili Young Designers shop has a good and fabulous collection on its shelves already, but we needed to look at new ideas in order to replace some old collections or to add to the current collection at least twice a year,” said Giersch.
The new collection tries to create a Namibian identity and the clothes have been made with local material. However, the designs still follow the latest fashion trends.
The designers under the Pambili label are well-known and have won several awards, with Giersch receiving the Shining Light Jewellery Award in 1998.
He uses silver, gold, precious stones and organic material such as coral for his creations. Currently, he is designing and manufacturing jewellery for the Tameka Fashion Jewellery collection as well as his own Attila Giersch collection.
Sylvia von Kühne also showcased her designs at the launch. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch with a degree in Creative Jewellery and Metal design, von Kühne has been working as a goldsmith and jewellery designer in Windhoek for three years.
Another designer under the stable, Frieda Lühl, custom designs and manufactures pieces for  individuals. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, as well as held two successful solo exhibitions (2006 and 2010) in Windhoek.
Lühl often uses materials of different value to make her jewellery.  She uses a variety of natural material such as Nguni horn, pebbles, shells and wood, and frames them in silver.
“The collections are defiantly very unique, wearable and will definitely fit into our overall image of a good quality and exclusive Namibian fashion shop,” said Giersch.

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