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CRAN prepares to regulate postal services

From the left, Jochen Traut, the communications regulator’s acting CEO; Phillip Bates, Senior Manager at Analysis Mason and Emilia Nghikembua, CRAN’s legal advisor. The regulator arranged a meeting with stakeholders to discuss the contents of a report on the regulation of postal services.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), with the assistance of Analysis Mason, recently hosted a stakeholders meeting to discuss the study that assesses whether the current postal legal mandate is adequate, effective and responsive to deliver postal products and services.

“CRAN is mandated by Chapter 7 of the Communications Act (Act No. 8 of 2009) to regulate the provision of postal services in Namibia. Although we have the legal mandate to regulate this sector, we have not yet commenced with doing so. This is due to CRAN first having to embark on a systematic process of studying and understanding the current shape and form of the industry, and most importantly, consult the postal industry players”, said Jochen Traut acting CEO of CRAN.
Traut added that it is CRAN’s mission statement “to purposefully regulate telecommunications services and networks, broadcasting, and postal services and the assignment and efficient use of radio spectrum, so that all Namibians derive the full socio–economic benefits of ICTs.”
He further stated that it is CRAN’s aim, therefore, to formulate regulations that seek to purposely regulate this vibrant sector and to ensure universal provision of postal products in the country.
“CRAN understands the benefits that an improved competitive environment can have on the Namibian ICT sector, hence undertaking a range of activities including, but not limited to this hearing, and creating a better level playing field for both current and new players in the postal sector and maximize benefits for consumers.”

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