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The beginnings of a start-up community

It is exciting thinking that the bandwagon of support for entrepreneurship by some African governments because of failures on their part to provide basic services, could in return be a good thing.

I had my second pitch session in vying for funding for what first grew out of boredom. A year or so into making it a reality it has become obvious that being involved in an open network of other entrepreneurs is the less painful way to go about.
Resources are abundant in the sense that to make an idea better with the clichéd sustainable prefix is to share how to go about it in actually creating the tangible experience.
The craze of entrepreneurship is upon us, being an entrepreneur has become a loaded word. By delving back to the nuts and bolts of idea creation that focuses on entrepreneurship as idea creation and innovation. Everybody is an entrepreneur, but by belonging to a motivated community of organisations and individuals to help refine the pitch many ideas don’t die at the freezer door.
The creation toolkit focuses on finding and building on the idea through a combination of techniques that not only focus on the idea but the individual’s journey. Connecting with other creators in playing the long game of being in business to add value to the fan base around a product.
Quickly coming to the realisation that it gets difficult as you load up on risk and learn in the beginnings of an urge to make something happen. Jeopardy is avoided by getting organised without spending any significant money to start building the idea and experience.
The focus is not so much on ideas but the learning process of how the world works and better communicating how to build on the idea in the context of a competitive economy where being an entrepreneur is increasingly about adapting to change. Without the putting off entrepreneurship methodology that you should have everything figured at the onset.
The choices are available on how your idea grows and how you go about it, making it an actual reality thorough sharing insights. Through a series of steps to getting your head straight, generating an idea and combining it with others to form a chain reaction of continuous improvement. The motivation helps as an even smaller percent of entrepreneurial ideas pitched actually become a reality. The pitching itself gets easier as you learn to communicate the essence of your idea and journey.

If we truly do want to compete in a flat world surely a rethinking and ultimately a paradigm shift is needed in how state institutions provide their service, if there are complaints about service, shouldn’t we look at the mode of delivering the actual service?
Imagine effective Public-Private-Partnership in pursuit of industrialising the economy through a Quatro-Helix approach to innovation. Hopefully not a race to the bottom with out dated methods of energy production and skewed income distribution.
What better way to encourage this by thinking our way out of the problem by involving entrepreneurs to deliver a solution.
When demanding a higher work ethic from the national work force, hopefully an equal amount of thought should be put in the way we fashion the bricks and mortar that shape our towns and cities. What kind of liveable city will our capital be in come the year 2030? Will public art become a thing, or will more coffee-percolator-esque architecture become the norm with the new government building developments. Have we lost all zest for a public life of boastful pride in shaping our destiny?
Will a knowledge based economy continue to rely on knowledge of foreign consultants that paste their plans without taking indigenous knowledge systems into consideration.
Is our industrialisation actually geared for propelling us into the future adapting to the best practices or
will Growth at Home Strategy become a TIPPEEG on steroids whose ill delivery is blamed on inefficiencies.?

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