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Youth taking over agriculture

Mbaroro Katjiuanyo won over three categories with his sheep breeds. His van Rooy ram was crowned the Inter-Regional Inter-Breed Champion 2011. The Communal Farmers Consortium (CFC) says it has learnt with excitement that the Otjozondjupa-Omaheke Inter-Regional Agriculture Show that was held over the past weekend was a success. One of the major highlights was the increase in the number of young people who exhibited their own livestock and talent.
This year’s Otjozondjupa-Omaheke Inter-Regional Agriculture Show brought together more livestock and business from young people compared to last year’s event.
One such young person among many who exhibited their livestock at Okondjatu in the Otjozondjupa is Mbaroro Katjiuanyo from the Aminius area in the Omaheke region.
The chairperson of the Communal Farmers Consortium,Goliath Tuyendapi said in some other regions were similar events where held, young people were nowhere to be seen and it is evident that the older people are still carrying the burden of feeding the nation through agriculture.
“It is the opinion of the CFC that the youth should be encouraged to enter the agriculture industry to ensure that good and proven traditional farming practices does not disappear but is transferred to the youth who should take over agriculture projects in the future.”
The Communal Farmers Consortium believes that young people are needed to inject new energy and ideas to solve modern problems hampering agriculture in Namibia.
“The CFC believes that it is wise to start farming while young when you still have the energy needed to do hard work. It is also the view of the CFC that some of the most successful and wealthy people in Namibia have at some point made a living from farming or became who they are though agriculture,” Tuyendapi said.
The Communal Farmers Consortium is a group of private and public agencies that pool finances each year to support the staging of agriculture shows in all 13 regions. The Otjozondjupa-Omaheke Inter-Regional Agriculture Show received about N$200,000 to cover expenses and prizes for winners. The Consortium consists of Agra, Feed Master, Agri Bank, First National Bank, Namibia Breweries Limited, Telecom, Meat Board, Meatco and the Namibia National Farmers Union.

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