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Hamaambo wins Wernhil grand prize

Marco Wenk (left) Broll Managing Director, congratulates Hamaambo Ndatala with his grand prize of N$150,000 which he won in the competition to celebrate Wernhil Park’s 25 anniversary. Witnessing the grand occasion is Wernhil property manager Helen Bosshart.

The Wernhil Park retail complex in Windhoek was a hive of activity when thousands of shoppers turned out to celebrate Windhoek’s very first mall’s 25th birthday on 29 August.
Broll Namibia, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List Group, went all out to draw their regular shopping audience into the celebrations. More than a million pair of feet pass through Wernhil every month.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager of Broll Namibia, Sylvia Rusch described the 25th Birthday Celebrations as a huge success. She also restated Broll’s commitment to keep Wernhil Park shoppers happy. “Aimed at constantly identifying opportunities to uplift and improve the standard and experience of shopping, Wernhil Park has undergone the construction of three phases since it opened doors to the public in August 1990” she said.
In total, Broll Namibia gave away N$250,000 on 29 August 2015, during the grand finale of the competition that has been running over a period of eleven weeks. Consummating the celebrations, Broll picked Hamaambo Ndatala as the lucky winner of the N$150,000 grand prize. The other nine finalists each received a prize from one of the Wernhil Park shops.
In amplification of the festivities, two charity organisations walked away with cash donations for the noble work they do in local communities. Rusch said “The Wernhil Park 25th Birthday Celebration was conducted over eleven weeks and every Saturday four lucky contestants could play the money booth game and catch as much as they can from a total of N$2500 each. Altogether Wernhil Park gave away another N$100,000.00 for the money booth game. Everything the contestant did not catch was thrown into a charity pot. From the charity pot, a total of N$62,140 was collected and divided between two charity organisations. The Moses Garoeb Project School and the Have-a-Heart Windhoek programme each received N$31,070.”
The Moses Garoeb Project School, situated at the Havanna resettlement area in Windhoek, is a special project initiated by the late Minister of Education, Dr. Abraham Iyambo. The school accommodates orphans and vulnerable children, and was established by Iyambo after his shocking discovery in June 2012 of the countless children between the ages 6 and 17 years old that were illiterate and did not attend school.
The Have-a-Heart Windhoek Spay and Neuter programme helps to reduce the number of stray animals by providing a service to poor animal owners to spay and neuter their pets at no charge.
The programme organises a spayathon twice a year during which approximately 100 animals are spayed or neutered.

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