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Leading through challenging times

Thirty eight senior staff members of the Ministry of Health and Social Services completed the leadership course of the African Leadership Institute during the first week of August. This group joins the more than 1000 people who have already completed Phase 1 of the training course.

The African Leadership Institute’s fundamental approach to leadership training rests on the premise that challenging times require leaders who could lead others through the challenges. “Now more than ever we need great leadership in our government, schools, businesses, hospitals and organizations” the institute advised after training another group of officials in leadership positions in the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The first week of training of the African Leadership Institute school for leaders was completed at the beginning of August by thirty eight staff members in the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Through the curricula offered to emerging leaders at its School for Leaders, the Leadership Institute focuses on growing leadership awareness for people in the civil service as well as in private business. In the public domain, the target is to develop leaders and leadership in the educational system, the broader government, and in churches. The ongoing activities of the African Leadership Institute has been funded by long-standing partner, First National Bank of Namibia. Over several years of leadership training, the work of the institute has lead to the graduation of inspectors, heads of departments and senior advisory teachers from the Ministry of Education.
To date more than 1000 influential business, government, church and educational leaders have completed Phase 1 of the training with extensive evidence of life change and community transformation. These empowered leaders now comprise 233 individuals in the private sector, 51 inspectors of education, six senior advisory teachers, 250 school principals, 65 heads of department at government schools, 37 municipal managers, 186 UNAM students, 13 international students and 13 other teachers.
Ingrid Goeieman, Manager Donations and Sponsorships at FNB Namibia said that one of the main focus areas of the FNB Foundation is educational development and it is particularly pleasing to see and hear what a difference the Leadership Institute training has made in the personal and professional lives and performance of the trainees. “We have only received inspirational feedback from the trainees and are delighted that the courses are of such value to them in a practical way.”
“Great leaders share their belief, vision, purpose and passion with others and in the process they inspire others to believe, act and impact. Hearing testimonies from the group itself is amazing. Now more than ever they have realized that their work is a calling from God and a life changing intervention” she said.

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