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City stops expansion

The City of Windhoek has refused to allow Sonia Stassen, a kindergarten owner, to expand her business in order to accommodate more children. Stassen wants to increase the number of children at the kindergarten from 25 to 55. The City made its decision known at its last council meeting.
Stassen runs a small home-based kindergarten on her erf in Pioneerspark. She applied for expansion in October, last year but her proposal was turned down by the municipality. The reason for the turn down according to the City, is because Stassen needed to put “in more effort when applying for a special consent to increase the permissible number [of children].”
The City has admitted that under normal conditions, a go ahead would have been given to individuals running their own home-based business activity such as a kindergarten, but they have to take certain criteria into consideration.
The municipality says that for this sort of expansion, an adequate parking layout plan should be submitted and that the number of parking bays will determine the number of learners that the kindergarten can take in. The City suggested that if Stassen wishes to make use of the City pavements for parking, she will have to enter a lease agreement with the City so that she can use the10m wide pavement already in place.

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