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Big turnout for volleyball tourney

The Namibian Volleyball Federation hosted its first indoor volleyball tournament of the year in Walvis Bay over the past weekend. With six ladies’ teams and 10 men’s teams participating it was a big tournament. The Doc tournament  is named after Doc Munz, the main supporter of the tournament and supporter of volleyball over many years.
The DTS ladies team won their first tournament in years as they beat the defending champions, the NDF ladies team, 25-19 and 25-16. The other ladies team that needs to be watched this year is the Revivals Volleyball Club that ended third though many of their top players were missing.
The DTS ladies lost against Revivals (26-28, 25-17and 10-15), whereupon NDF won the game 25-12 and 25-16 against Revivals.
Any of these three teams had good chances of winning the cup but the DTS ladies beat NDF with one set and NDF beat Revivals with one set.
The final standing is DTS, NDF, Revivals, KKPVC, UNAM HP Campus and Polytechnic.
The NDF men’s team took the first place without losing a set throughout the tournament up to the finals. This year they won the Doc Volleyball tournament for the fourth time and they are the team to beat for the rest of the year. The DTS men’s team took the second spot and the team from Rehoboth third.
The final standing is NDF, DTS, Rehoboth, Buffaloes, Swakop Muni, Polytechnic, Nakapele Boys, Namibian Navy, Kasikili, and UNAM HP Campus.
Individual tournament winners are:
Ladies: Best Players – Spiker: A. Henghono. NDF; Blocker: L. Angula. NDF; Setter: S. Nampala. NDF; Defense: L. Titus. Revivals; Youth: L. Titus. Revivals; None Registered, M. Shikongo, UNAM HP Campus. The most valuable player is S. Heereman of DTS.
Men: Best Players – Spiker: E. Uyepa. NDF; Blocker: R Wentzel. DTS; Setter: J. Mathew. NDF; Defense: M. Kashuna. Buffaloes; Youth: B. Schurz. DTS; None Registered: Z. Kareenatio of Nakapele Boys. The most valuable player is J. Matthews of NDF.

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