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Chevening scholars off to the UK

Israel Zemburuka, Kipele Luvindao, Liolisia Kariko, Jordaania Andima and Joolokeni Haimbala are five of the six Chevening students who depart in September for the United Kingdom where they will enroll in various Master’s degrees as Chevening Scholars. The farewell function was held earlier this week at the British High Commission in Windhoek. The sixth Chevening scholar is Julia Mushimba.

The British High Commission in Windhoek hosted a farewell function earlier this week for the six new Namibian students who will leave shortly for the United Kingdom where each will pursue a Master’s Degree. The six postgrads are all successful applicants for Chevening scholarships.

The six are Israel Kazembire Zemburuka (International Journalism, Cardiff University), Kipele Luvindao (Media and International Development, University of East Anglia), Liolisia Kariko (Digital Media and Society, Cardiff University), Jordaania Andima (Multimedia Journalism, Print & Online, University of Westminster), Joolokeni Haimbala (Cyber Security and Forensics, University of Westminster), and Julia Mushimba (Energy Law and Policy, University of Dundee).
Bertha Amakali and Jennifer Kandjii, both Chevening Alumni, and Nillian Mulemi of Petrofund, joined the six postgrads at the farewell function to help the new students find their feet in their host country. The six Chevening scholars leave in mid September.
At the farewell event, Hans-Christian Mahnke, Chevening officer of the British High Commission stated: “We are delighted that we were able to increase the intake from Namibia to a total of six recipients and that we are able to send these six exceptional Namibians to study in the UK on a fully funded scholarship. The Chevening scholarship is a great opportunity for Namibia and we hope that in future more candidates will make use of this great opportunity.”
Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and partner organisations for postgraduate courses at UK universities.

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