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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – Film Review

Welcome back, Tom Cruise, the tabloids have been harsh but clearly you have been missed on the big screen.

In this thrilling spy adventure, Tom Cruise makes his comeback as Ethan Hunt, a first-rate spy who works for the IMF. Alan Huntley (Alec Baldwin), the director of the CIA has been tailing the affairs of the IMF and successfully vies for the dissolvement of the IMF by the state owing to its misconduct.
Hunt, a master at his craft, now has the CIA on his back. In the meantime, Hunt is focused on exposing his nemesis of the hour, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), who is the terrorist leader of the Syndicate, a secret organisation determined to thwart Hunt and impose a dangerous new world order on mankind.
True to its form, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (also known as MI 5) delivers a spectacular experience.
If there’s anything predictable about the movie, it comes from its many plot twists. But thankfully, these are done in small amounts, unlike Never Lose Focus, where the twists are outright ridiculous.
And, of course, if there is anything thrilling about the movie, it supercedes any predictable outcome by a long shot. A true case of distraction is executed outstandingly with audacious stunts, sarcasm and utter sexiness! And just when you think you have got it all figured out, the story sneaks up right behind you and taps you on the shoulder to let you know you were wrong. You may call that a spy move; I call that getting what you paid for.
The development of the story is just as gripping as its stunts, flowing well enough to have your eyes moving from one scene to the other intently. Unlike the superhero movies we are getting used to today, there are no super powers or mutated genes; rather, you get fast cars, computerised glasses and some really nifty lipstick. These ‘vintage’ tools of action are what make the action feel so real. So real, in fact, that the film does not even need to be experienced in 3D. Here, we have some good, clean – unmutated – fun.
Also, unlike the action figure-type adventures we are being bombarded with today, Mission Impossible seems to do away with the lazy, heroic one-liners and takes on a more wry angle to humour.
With the type of story-telling that this film demands, slacking of any kind would be deadly, so it should go without saying that the acting hits every single mark. If we ever forgot why Tom Cruise is really famous, here is your firm reminder. The script-writing is also so well-crafted that each character’s distinct personality connects neatly into their role in the development of the story.
I would say that the brilliance of this film comes quite close to that portrayed earlier this year in Mad Max: Fury Road. Even though Mad Max was able to bring about a completely new, sensational experience, MI 5 is able to deliver something so utterly enjoyable. Where Mad Max was able to shock you out of your own body, MI 5 will make you not dare to leave your seat, by any means. Obviously much lighter on the pallet than Mad Max, MI 5 is definitely a movie I would have no problem watching again and again.

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