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ILISO Consulting Engineers opens office

Theunis Heunis, ILISO Namibia’s Director and local office manager.

ILISO Consulting, an African Consulting Engineering firm that specialises in engineering, environmental and project management services, announced this week that it has formally established its operations in Namibia with the opening of a new office in Windhoek.

Theunis Heunis has been appointed to lead ILISO Consulting’s Namibian office as the local director and office manager. This follows a long association with ILISO Consulting, where he became acquainted with the company’s directors while working jointly on upgrades to Cape Town’s International Airport.
“Namibia is on the brink of substantial development in terms of infrastructure, housing and roads development,” said Heunis. “ILISO, with its extensive cross-border expertise in public and private sector infrastructure development is well positioned to seize new opportunities in this region,” he added.
ILISO’s Namibia office is led by a board of directors with significant expertise in cross-border operations.
Well-known local eye doctor, Dr Helena Ndume, has taken up the position as the chairperson of the board of directors for ILISO Namibia.
Clint Koopman, the CEO of ILISO Consulting, is a Namibian-born consulting engineer with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. As the CEO of ILISO since 2007, he has successfully led the firm through some of the most challenging economic downturns, ensuring a profitable firm that continues to extend its operations into Africa.
Hans Hartung, another Namibian-born consulting engineer and the current head of ILISO Consulting’s Infrastructure Discipline Group, has been appointed as the managing director of ILISO’s Namibian operations.
“ILISO Consulting is dedicated to poverty alleviation, addressing social inequalities and developing infrastructure for the people of the African continent,” said Hartung. “We look forward to becoming an integral part of Namibia’s development plan as outlined by its government and see this expansion as a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful difference in a new region,” he concluded.

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