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Building her Empire

Isabella //Hauses, the owner of Group Godisha, says her business is her passion. Founded in 2008, the Group Godisha brand has spread into several branches and brandnames. She encourages Namibian women and girls to be absolutely passionate about life and its offerings, to break the box and to create their own.

Isabella //Hauses is a women that wears many hats, a young businesswoman, brand thought leader, media practitioner, a perfumer, leadership consultant, a career and life coach and a motivational speaker.

She owns The Group Godisha empire which started in 2008 and has steadily become a brand to be reckoned with. “We have a few subsidiaries of companies under the group, which are in manufacturing, mining, construction, events, advertising, business consultations, a printing hub and many more. We have umpteen corporate, government and NGO partners across Namibia and SADC, and it will not be fair to mention names,” added Isabella.
She is proudest of producing her own brand of perfume, which is marketed under the label, The Isakhoes, (beautiful woman). She plans to make her perfume a household name under the Destiny Cosmetics umbrella. “I want this to be more than a perfume to illuminate the beauty of every woman and girl and to restore the face of women of destiny,” she said adding that she thinks a little sprinkle can change the mood, attitude and demeanour of everyone, to treat each day as if they have an appointment with destiny.
“My business is my passion. I love the creative flair, to wake up in the morning and run the raw passion.” She advised that people have to love what they do “because great ideas are always followed by great money.” She says that challenges are all in the mind and that “Namibia is a great economy and everyone has an equal chance to run a fine business in this country.”
Isabella is inspired to see people living their full potential stating that everyone has “greatness within them and if we all find that, the world would be a better place.” She encourages Namibian women and girls to be absolutely passionate about life and its offerings, to break the box and create their own. “Read as much as possible and think of creative ideas everyday, give copiously, live to the fullest, and last but not least, build a personal relationship with God,” she stressed.
She has met people like John C Maxwell, a renowned motivational speaker, Myles Munroe, the late American Pastor, Robin Sharma, another world renowned motivational speaker and she also managed the 9th African Women’s Football Championships, held in Namibia.
“Do not let failure shunt your existence, wake up the next morning and do it over again and always go forward. Get up and walk tall,” concluded Isabella.

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