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An open letter to Chief Justice Peter Shivute

Dear Justice Shivute,
I am writing this letter to remind you that by the end of the Supreme Court appeal hearing on the 2009 elections case in 2011, you and the other judges made a pledge that you will not deliver the verdict until 14 November as you had other commitments. I was present in that court and heard this with my own ears.
That gave the impression that soon thereafter, you will deliver the judgement. It is the end of March 2012 now and you have not come back to the nation. You know very well that justice delayed is justice denied. You are aware of the sickening backlogs and delays in the courts under your supervision.
In whose interest is this overstretched delay of a court case that is to deal with the backbone of our democratic process: the electoral process? Do you sleep well while you know the country is being led by a disputed government? Can you count from 2009 to March 2012 to see how many years this nation has been living in the political wilderness?
You will agree with me, Sir, that where there is a vacuum of information, people tend to create their own stories. It is justified for me to conclude that elections were indeed rigged. If it was not, why is it taking so painfully long to resolve this issue?
Mr Justice, we all know that it was the courts that were used to stifle democracy in Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Senegal. I hope our Judiciary is still independent.
This is just to remind you, Justice and your team, that we are running out of patience. There is only a year and a few months left before the next national elections. Release the verdict now!
S. Eino
Oshikoto Region

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