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Sun international: “we can solve this”

Sun International, the parent company of Kalahari Sands Hotel & Casino, has presented the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU) with proposed dates on which the parties can meet and discuss the workers’ concerns.
According to Verna Robson from Sun international, the meeting will assist the management team in understanding and developing appropriate action plans to deal with material problems.
“In addition, the meetings are in line with the provisions of the Recognition Agreement that encourages a harmonious relationship and co-operation which is essential for the successful running of the business,” she said.
Robson admitted that some of the matters are known by management and there are processes running to address these problems.
More than 50 disgruntled employees of Kalahari Sands said there were unfair labour practices taking place at the hotel, and staged a demonstration to condemn the practices in Windhoek at the beginning of this month. They handed a petition over to the hotel’s management which called for the removal of the hotel’s general manager, Rudie Rupett. The petition also urged the hotel’s directors to investigate the conduct of the managers. The workers gave the hotel’s management seven days to respond to the petition. When no action was taken, they again took to the streets on 22 March. The employees are accusing hotel management of allowing racial discrimination, nepotism and unfair treatment.
According to Robson, the company is “committed to engaging with the union” in order to come up with a solution and does take the workers’ petition seriously. “The company believes that all the concerns of the union can be addressed in an amicable manner. We look forward to meeting with the union,” she said.
The meeting between the union and Sun International is set to take place on 2  April.

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