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Minions – Film Review

Our favorite yellow creatures from the ‘Despicable Me’ film franchise have made a comeback. This time they are in search of a perfect master which proves to be a daunting task as they can not keep a master for more than a day let alone a week.

After trying to live without a master, one of the minions Kevin, (voiced by Pierre Coffin) decides to take matters into his own hands and announces that he will go and find a leader for the minority group. He then teams up with the ambitious Stuart (Coffin, again) and clumsy Bob (Coffin once more) whose personality is larger than life. Together they set off to New York and end up under the care of criminal mastermind Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock) and her husband Herb Overkill (voiced by John Hamm) who manipulates them into helping her to take over England and eventually the world.
Sans Gru – the film is set in 1968 BG (Before Gru) depicting the minions at their silliest, – the simple plot allows for even the youngest of children to understand what the film is all about. I will admit at first I was skeptical about watching the latest installment because of the language the minions speak. But I found it refreshing to learn as it is not an invented speak made up by the script writers but an amalgamation of Indian, Spanish, Italian and French.
At first glance you may think that this film is for brainless people, but I guarantee you that it is not and neither is it just for children. The fact that there are so many minions also makes one feel that young viewers will get confused, amplified by the weird minion speak, but I beg to differ. Adults too, will find the jokes just as funny, the Computer Graphic Imagery excellent and the trio’s cuteness adorable. All these elements combine to make it worth while to watch. Both established fans and newbies to the minions will definitely be laughing hysterically if not smiling from ear to ear because of the minions’ antics.
‘Minions’ is a great use of satire (one more thing for adults to enjoy) and is worth every minute of all the hype it has been given across the globe. Bob becomes the King of England, Stuart gets to rock the world and Kevin is knighted so what’s not to love about the film. The minions are so adorable it’s not hard to fall in love with them and wish you could be painted yellow and wear blue overalls. I reckon that you will love them so much you will either be speaking like a minion or will want to be one.
Though it is not as great as Despicable Me, it is a good movie. It has just the right dose of slapstick humour to make you love the minions even more. My overall verdict is that ‘Minions’ is an awesome family movie, it’s heart warming, it’s soft and funny and most definitely “one in a minion” so get your families together, grab some popcorn and let the delightful minions entertain you.

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