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Rule of Law rests on investing in legal human capital

The United States Embassy in Windhoek this week hosted a training session for Namibian magistrates from all fourteen regions under the banner “Judicial Professionalism and Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement.”

US Ambassador Thomas Daughton and visiting US Judges acknowledged the contribution of the participating magistrates in a brief closing and certificate ceremony at the NamPower Convention Centre in Windhoek. Sponsored by the US Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the training was designed to give technical assistance to strengthen Namibia’s justice system, assist with case management skills development, and emphasize a team approach to fighting crime. Pictured here are (front row) US Ambassador Thomas Daughton, visiting US District Judge Curtis Gomez of the US District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands, US Magistrate Judge Patrick White of the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida, Clerk of the Court Sheryl Loesch of the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida and US Department of Justice Attorney Michelle Crawford with the Namibian magistrate officers. (Photograph by Amerie Bennett)

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