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Ministry of Environment sets story straight

In response to online media reports regarding the recent visit of Prince Harry to Namibia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) would like to respond to certain statements and insinuations made in online media reports concerning the visit.

The reports, published in the Mail Online, Express, ‘The Beast and others’, alleged that the ministry, in particular the Minister Hon. Pohamba Shifeta, was critical of Prince Harry’s visit to Namibia. It was insinuated that the Minister was “infuriated” by the Prince’s visit since he did not get official permission from Government, and that the Hon. Minister had claimed that Prince Harry was merely in Namibia on a public relations exercise.
“The Ministry would like to make it clear that these insinuations are completely false and devoid of any truth. The remarks attributed to the minister were taken out of context and have since been blown out of proportion,’ says Teofilus Nghitila Acting Permanent Secretary of MET.
“The Hon. Minister, and the Ministry as a whole, warmly welcomed the visit of the Prince, particularly his willingness to lend his support to our rhino conservation efforts. The Ministry further appreciates the fact that the Prince took time from his private schedule to meet with the Minister and senior officials from the Ministry during his visit. Amicable discussions were held with the Prince and we greatly appreciate his gesture to support the conservation efforts being undertaken here,” he adds.
“Neither the Ministry nor the Minister has any objections to “prominent persons” visiting the country in their private capacity nor do they need special permission to do so. On the contrary, we encourage more tourists to visit the country and to enjoy its natural beauty,” he says.
Nghitila says we therefore categorically refute the statements and insinuations made in the online media reports as detailed above.

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