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Sikongo Haihambo appointed NSA Acting Statistician General

Newly appointed Acting Statistician General Sikongo Haihambo.

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) has appointed Sikongo Haihambo as the Acting Statistician General (SG) of the NSA effective 1 August 2015 upto 31 January 2016.

The decision is in line with the provisions of the Statistics Act No.9 of 2011 which states, that if the office of the SG is vacant, the board must appoint another person with appropriate knowledge and experience to act as SG.
“The board took this decision after the initial recruitment process to appoint a substantive SG was unsuccessful in identifying a suitable candidate for this position,” said NSA Board Chairperson Florette Nakusera.
Haihambo is the former Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Operations of the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia and has held several executive positions in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). He has served as a director on boards of various public and private institutions.
Haihambo is a holder of an MBA Degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree. “The board is confident that he will be able to lead the NSA during the above mentioned period, according to his best abilities,” said Nakusera.
Nakusera also thanked outgoing Acting Statistician General Liina Kafidi for her selfless efforts in steering the agency during the six months tenure.

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