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Project 38 comes with hope for housing

His Worship Muesee Kazapua, Mayor, City of Windhoek officially inaugurating the Green Wall Building Solution, at Hope Village Orphanage. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

Project 38, a local company, launched the Green Wall Building Solution early this week at Hope Village Orphanage in Windhoek, with the inauguration of a building which they build at the orphanage.

The event was inaugurated by His Worship Muesee Kazapua, Mayor, City of Windhoek, who is also the patron to this introductory alternative housing building method initiative.
Kazapua said that since the country is going through a housing crisis, it therefore was a great pleasure to witness an initiative that is aimed at finding a lasting solution to the nation’s housing need.
He said that the shortage of serviced land and the cost involved in servicing the land is prohibitively high. “This limits the provision of affordable housing, especially to the low-income segments, therefore the nobility of this project cannot be overemphasised, as it contributes to our efforts on affordable housing,” he added.
Kazapua said that as a city council, they have been busy with the assessment of the current value chain in the process of land delivery, so as to find a permanent solution.
“The team behind this concept have not only presented it theoretically, but also delivered a house for all stakeholders to show how this initiative actually works, ” he emphasised.
He said that this is indeed a laudatory gesture, and he thanked the company, Project 38.
Project 38 has risen to the challenge, and they build houses, offices and hospitals all over the country, by using the Ytong Shell system, which is particularly suitable for the market. According to the company, all you need for building an Ytong home is your sketch and rough plan, and the company will supply the prospective owner with a detailed design and a construction manual adapted to the particular building plan.
Said representative of Project 8, “the panels ensure minimal building time and two working days for a single house with just four construction workers. Ytong panels are made of aerated concrete and offers high degree of flexibility. Aerated concrete is a naturals sustainable product of lime, sand and cement.”

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